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Resources for assisting talented students Are you interested in learning more about educating gifted and talented students? You can learn more about state-funded Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) programmes, how to evaluate your kid’s aptitudes, how to give talented students the rigorous curriculum they require to succeed, and how to assist your gifted child by clicking on the links below.

States generally have different laws regarding gifted education. Check the state overview page and click on the link to your state department of education website to learn more about how gifted education is implemented where you live.

Gifted and Talented Edcation Information from the Texas Education Agency

The state administrative code section on gifted and talented programmes is available on this website.

Exceptional Student Education Services, Florida Department of Education

On the FDE website, you may find details about gifted programmes in Florida as well as a link to their Clearinghouse Information Center. Parents can access a wide variety of resources on gifted programmes at the Clearinghouse’s resource centre.

Information on gifted and talented education from the Arizona Department of Education

The promotion, creation, and implementation of programmes for extraordinarily gifted kids are the goals of the Exceptional Student Services initiatives. Contact details for state programmes are available on this page, along with details on how you may help your child’s education in Arizona.

Association for the Gifted in California

The CAG organises conferences and institutes for parents and teachers, disseminates tips for developing your child’s skills, and gives publications and advocacy support.